It is with much excitement and a sense of pride that we see the family home, where we spent our formative years make way for METRO425, a brilliant, low-rise vertical community so that others may experience where we grew up.
Our other apartment development, URB4N, is also built on this unique stretch of road which links the city to the sea and a place where you can live, work and play.

This construction page has been designed to not only keep our METRO425 clients updated on the building progress of their new home, but it also gives all those interested in WALPOL Property Development’s projects a heads-up as to future news and developments.

View the full build history here.

We will keep this METRO425 construction slideshow, and time line, updated with all relevant progress as we head towards its completion. If you have any queries along the way, please contact Constantine Pappas on mobile 0423 047 020 or email

Warm regards
The Team at WALPOL Property Development